Five Things You Should Know About Domain Registration

If you are completely new to building websites, there is likely a lot you do not know about choosing a domain name. In technical terms, a domain name is a unique set of letters and numbers that point to your website’s location in a computer network. In layman’s terms, a domain name is the address people use to find your website. Google’s domain name is, for example. Because your domain name is how people will find you on the Web, choosing the right one is critical for your business. Here are five things you should keep in mind when using a Minnesota Web hosting company to register a domain.

Shorter is Better

Although many short domain names have been registered by other people, you should try to keep your domain name as short as possible. Shorter domain names are easier to remember, so if someone forgets to bookmark your site, there is a better chance that he or she will be able to remember your domain name. Shorter domain names are also better for building your brand.

Spelling Counts

Because so many domain names have already been registered, it is tempting to try to be clever by using unique spellings or misspelled words to register a domain in your niche. Unfortunately, misspelled words make it hard for people to remember how to get to your site. It is also more likely that people will misspell the misspelled domain name and end up on someone else’s website. If that other site is in your niche, you might lose potential customers to another business.

Extensions Matter

The letters you see at the end of domain names are known as extensions. Extensions such as .com and .net are the most popular, so registering a domain name with one of these extensions can give you added credibility. Avoid registering a domain name that has an unusual extension, as people may question the purpose of your site. Domain names with top-level extensions are also more marketable and easier to sell should you decide to sell your website at some point.

Make it Brandable

It is perfectly fine to choose your name or a keyword related to your business as your domain name. However, people might have a hard time associating those terms with your business brand. When choosing a domain name, try to pick one that you can use in your branding. A freelance writer choosing a domain name might try to register something like instead of her name or niche. This is definitely something that people will remember, so it will be easier to build a brand with this domain name.

Register Multiple Extensions

If you truly want to build your business brand, it is important to register your domain name in multiple extensions. This will prevent others in your niche from trying to capitalize on your success by registering domain names similar to yours. If you have a .com domain name, you should try to register the same name in .net and other formats. Doing so can help you build your brand and succeed in business.

Registering a domain name for the first time can be a confusing process. If you do not know the best way to pick a domain name, a Minnesota website hosting company can be a valuable resource. Ask a representative from your hosting company how to select a domain name and get it registered under your hosting account. The faster you register a domain name, the faster you can start building your business.

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